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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

If you are looking for an oldie but goodie camouflaged in slick style, the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer, or SSV, may be made to order – literally! Only an idea in 2002, it became a reality in 2004 and has remained ideal for over a decade. The Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer was 7th Floor’s answer to the need for a cool vape that would last forever and completely vaporize whatever the wand held. According to the company’s website, they tried everything, and I am glad they did. The result is a great home unit that, once tried, just may become your go-to, daily vape.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer has a durable anodized aluminum body and comes in a rainbow of colors and custom designs. 7th Floor devoted time to testing nine premium ceramic heating elements combined with varied options before settling on a premium heater and its reverse 90-degree-angle design. They kept the ceramic element clear of any electronics or metal tubing, so the glass wand meets the glass heater cover for nice, clean glass-on-glass contact, with no corrupting toxins. With this convection heating, you can enjoy potent white vapor, no smoke and only mild odor. You get only the taste of the herbs you use, and they taste fresh!

The Whip and Wand. The Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer uses a wand and whip setup: 3 feet of food-grade tubing, one end fitted into the wand and the other fitting the mouthpiece. 7th Floor makes the wand of handblown borosilicate glass, resistant to temperature extremes. Handled with care, the wand is perfect for holding the herb blend of your choice safely and heating it without combustion. Just be careful, as it can get hot!

Silver Surfer wands come in standard, ground glass and spherical ground glass options:

  • A standard wand lets you adjust, stir or rotate your herbs fluidly, without interruption. With one hand on the mouthpiece, you use the other to control wand-to-heater contact for pinpoint heating.
  • The ground glass option is a fixed airtight configuration joined to the heater. Its fluted wand rests in a cutout so that you don’t have to hold it in place. You might have to disconnect the wand, stir your material and reconnect for dry material to vaporize evenly.
  • The spherical ground glass offers the best of both wands. It gives an airtight vape, and its round end supplies a wide range of motion. An added benefit is a slightly larger bowl.

Both the standard and spherical ground glass wands work with a hands-free adapter.

Inside the wand is a 5/8-inch screen. Cleaning and changing the screen are relatively easy using a pick. Replacement screens come flat. Pressing them gently around a marble pick handle gives them the right shape; the convex side always curves outward, toward your herbs.

Vaping. Lightly filling the bowl about a quarter full works best; less is more! Drawing air over and through your herbs for 10 to 15 seconds produces the best dense white vapor. Temperature, however, is something you will have to experiment with to find the sweet spot for your herb of choice.

Initially, you will want to run a heating cleanse to burn off any manufacturing residues; just set the unit on high for about 10 minutes. To actually vape, turn the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer on high for 2 to 3 minutes until the heater glows orange. Then turn the dial back to around the 12 o’clock position, and work your way hotter or cooler until you get the result you are seeking.

If you like fast, hard draws, you will probably want a hotter temperature because air is moving through the filler quickly. On the other hand, if you prefer long, slow draws, the heated air has more time to release rich vapor, so you can use a lower setting. Settings between 1 and 2 o’clock work well for most, but each herb has a unique optimum vaping temperature.

By the Way. The SSV’s padded case is compartmented, with a place for everything. Cleaning is simple with a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water. Some people use a small soft brush. Since a finely cut herb yields better quality vapor, a fine herb grinder can be a useful addition. Too, everything on the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer is accessorizable and upgradable to customize it to your preferences and needs.

Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer Specifications

  • Manufactured by 7th Floor – Made in the USA
  • Whip style, direct inhalation vaporizer
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Frit-worked glass
  • Includes wand, mouthpiece and 3 feet of food-grade vinyl tubing
  • Wand and Mouthpiece are handblown borosilicate glass, available in standard, ground glass and spherical ground glass
  • Fine stainless steel mesh screen with 3 replacements included
  • Warranty: Electrical and aluminum parts, 3 years; glass parts, 30 days from manufacturer

Who Would Want A Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer?

Are you a novice looking for an easy-to-use vape that is not out-of-this-world pricey? Are you frustrated with tasteless vapor, combusted smoke or foreign flavors ruining what should be a premium blend? Are you tired of feeding a too-large unit? Have you been considering something permanent to replace a portable?

The Silver Surfer is great for novices and experts alike. With its analog dial, adjusting temperature is easy and quick. Novices usually adapt quickly to intuiting temperature, whip position and pull to draw dense white vapor. Long-time users do not part with their Silver Surfers unless they are passing it on and, more important, already have a new one in hand. Purists choose it because the vapor imparts unsullied flavor only from the herb chosen, with no toxins from wiring, overheated metal, foreign materials or smoke. Vapes come and go, but vapor connoisseurs, young or older, keep their Silver Surfer desktop vaporizers.

If the Silver Surfer has any limitation, it is that it is a home system best for one or two people. Although solid and stable, it has glass parts. Too, the 90-degree angle is what makes it special, so it really is a desktop or tabletop vaporizer. The whip is 3 feet long, a good length for the person using it, but social sharing can get a bit awkward. Using a standard wand lets you hand off the entire whip. If you are using the ground glass or hands-free options, however, the wand is attached. Especially in a social situation, tugging or pulling at the whip is more likely and can fracture glass parts. The spherical ground glass can present similar issues. Some vape users have suggested using a longer whip, but lengthen the tubing, and you may reduce performance.

Pros And Cons Of The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

  • Unique 90-degree-angle ceramic heater design allows efficient pinpoint and airtight vaping
  • Ceramic heating element isolated from toxin-releasing metals or electronics
  • Clean, pure dense vapor tastes only of herb
  • Quick-change wand allows easy refills and screen changes with no session interruption
  • Comfortable and easy to use for anyone
  • Borosilicate lab glass handles rapid heating without damage
  • Quick, intuitive temperature adjustment for choice of herbs
  • Even borosilicate glass will eventually breakable and the warranty is only 30 days
  • Cost may still be prohibitive for some
  • If it was a bit smaller and lighter it would be a lot more portable.

Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer — No Disappointments Here

To wrap it up, the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer is a perfect convection dry-herb whip vape for personal or home use. It is durable, sexy, versatile and handmade. It will heat your herbs evenly and efficiently, without waste. You can control the whip or use it hands free. Either way, the Silver Surfer SSV desktop vaporizer will give you one of the finest clouds of pure, sweet white vapor you have ever vaped.

  • David Matthews
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