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The Best Cheap Dab Rigs of 2017


When you're ready to set your dry herb aside to try vaping waxy concentrates, you need to pick up a dab rig. You will come across many rigs while searching for the best dabbing rig but note that not all rigs are designed for smoking dry flower. A dab rig is a glass water pipe that produces intense heat capable of turning concentrate or wax into flavorful vapor in a flash.

We know that our followers are always searching for the best dab rig and budgets are often a concern, so we used our expertise to study the best dab rigs available for 2017. We determined that the Pocket Sidecar Mini Dab Rig from Purr is not only one of the best but also one of the cheapest. Keep reading to learn more about this top pick while exploring our runner ups.

Our Top Pick: Purr Honeycomb Hourglass Dab Rig

You may appreciate the rich smoke that is produced by your best glass pipe for dry herb, but we want you to experience the smooth vapor that a quality dab rig can deliver. This is often considered a less intense smoking experience, and you only need a small amount of oil, concentrate or wax to create a satisfying amount of vapor.

The hourglass dab rig by Purr Glass caught our attention because it was designed by the talented craftsmen employed by Purr Glass but still sells for a very reasonable price. After comparing its features to many other cheap dab rigs, we determined that it is the best cheap dab rig for vaping waxes because it's durable, easy to use and compact. This is a 7-inch rig that you can easily tuck into your bag for use away from home, and it's made from borosilicate glass that won't break on the first drop or distort the taste of your oil.

honeycomb hourglass dab rigAnother feature that drove us to rank this as the best cheap dab rig is the hourglass with multiple holes for the best percolation. For beginners, this means that the downstem is a straight tube of glass with slits positioned below the water. The vapor is produced by the applying the oil, concentrate or wax to a heated quartz nail, and the vapor passes through the water before entering the tube and traveling to your mouth. The water cools the vapor, so you never have to worry about harsh smoke that burns upon inhale.

While cheap dab rigs are often limited to one slit that limits the amount of vapor passing through on each hit, this Purr rig has multiple slits to allow a satisfying flow of smooth, cool vapor. The slits also help filter the vapor, and that's just another feature that qualifies this rig as the best glass pipe for oil vaping.

The nail is an important feature to consider when selecting the best cheap dab rig. You need a lot of heat to effectively turn an oil, concentrate or wax into vapor, and you want to make sure that the material used to create your nail is safe for dabbing. You can only ensure safety when using a nail produced in the United States, and Purr is a well-respected brand manufacturing all of their pipes in the U.S. from premium materials that you can trust.

Whether you're an experienced dabber searching for a cheap rig to add to your collection or you're a beginning dabber, you'll find the hourglass honeycomb dab rig by Purr simple and easy to use. It stays reasonably cool whether you're vaping just one quick hit or multiple hits in a party environment, and you get to choose from a short list of accent colors to personalize your rig. The color choices, compact size and low price tag also make this the best glass pipe to give someone special as a gift.

Who Should Buy the Hourglass Honeycomb Rig by Purr?

We recognize that no dab rig can meet the expectations of every user, but we stand by this beautiful dab rig as the best glass bong for an enjoyable dabbing experience on a tight budget. If you typically smoke dry herb but want to give waxes or concentrates a trial run, this is a cheap dab rig that will allow you to try dabbing without a substantial investment. You can also always invest in a more expensive rig if you want to continue dabbing long term, but this is a quality water pipe that you will likely continue to use for years.

This is also the best dab rig for dabbing away from home. While you may have some showpieces that you want everyone to notice at parties, you don't want your pipe to attract that kind of attention when you're transporting it to a new location. This dab rig is only 7 inches tall and is lightweight, so discretion is easily achieved.

More Info on the Hourglass Dab Rig by Purr

There is one more thing that swayed our opinion when naming the best cheap dab rig for dabbing on a budget: appearance. You don't have to settle for an unappealing design when shopping for cheap dab rigs, and this Purr mini rig is proof. Each piece is made of clear glass with colorful accents along the mouthpiece and dome. The dome is crafted from marbled glass and is the perfect accent for a modern glass water pipe. While the design is simple, you will have no shame when pulling this rig out around your friends.


  • Made in the USA
  • Total height: 7"
  • Base diameter: 2 ½"
  • Diffused downstem with multiple slits + honeycomb percolator
  • Dab rig design
  • Marbled glass dome
  • Quartz nail
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • Multiple accent colors available

Flaws but Not Deal-Breakers

It's important to note that some smaller glass rigs can get hot to the touch when you enjoy multiple hits without rest. This Purr rig is one of the best glass dab rig options for back-to-back hits because it is made from thick glass and is big enough to distribute much of the heat to spare your fingers. While seven inches is still considered a smaller rig, you can expect this piece to stay cooler than dab rigs of two or three inches in height. Most users won't complain about heat with a rig of this size, but you may want to invest in a larger oil rig if you enjoy dabbing with friends from a shared piece.

Some advanced users may complain a little about the simplistic design of this Purr oil rig, but keep in mind that this is a compact pipe selling at an affordable price. It is a beautiful piece with fun color options, and it's the best glass pipe in this price range if you want to carry it out of your home to dab while traveling.

Another potential downside is the glass nail that comes with this Purr mini dab rig. While many experienced users now prefer titanium nails, this glass nail is made from high-quality materials and will hold enough heat to produce a satisfying vaping experience. You can purchase a titanium nail separately if that slight upgrade is worth the expense to you.

Our Budget Pick: Circuit Dab Rig from Grav Labs

While we believe that the hourglass rig is the best glass bong for budget-conscious dabbers, you can save even more money by opting for the Circuit Dab Rig created by Grav Labs. This is another reputable brand that manufactures their pipes in the United States, and this piece stands a bit taller at approximately seven inches. While the mouthpiece still extends from a well-designed side arm, the downstem features a 90-degree curve that some users prefer over the straight piece featured on the hourglass dab rig by Purr.

This is also the best dab rig option if you want entertainment while dabbing. It comes with a double turbine percolator that whips the water into fun tornadoes.

If Money Was No Obstacle: Inline Dual Action Bubbler from Grav Labs

If you could afford to spend up to $300 on an oil rig, we would recommend the Inline Dual Action Bubbler as the best dab rig in this price range. You can use this rig to smoke dry herb as well as for dabbing with concentrates and waxes. The design is impressive with two side stems, and you can use them simultaneously when sharing with a friend. Standing approximately 12 inches tall, this is a larger dab rig that eliminates the concern of overheating the glass during long smoking sessions.

Grav Labs produces quality glass pipes within the United States, so you don't have to worry about the safety of the nail. You also don't have to worry about cracking fragile materials, since this water pipe is crafted from scientific glass. If you Purr's hourglass rig because of the accent colors, you can still enjoy that benefit by selecting your color of choice for the logo on the side of your Inline Dual Action Bubbler by Grav Labs.

Our Runner Ups

Are you still craving more from the best cheap dab rigs of 2017? We know that selecting the best dab rig for dabbing is a personal process, especially when you're shopping on a budget or can only afford to buy one dab rig at a time. Whether you're ready to order our top pick or one of the alternatives already explored in this guide, we urge you to take a few more minutes to consider our three runner ups. One of these could rank as the best glass pipe for your personal needs, or you may decide that you simply can't choose and must splurge on two rigs that meet different personal needs.

1. Android Multi-Use Rig and Bong by Grav Labs

If simplicity is the primary concern for you, look to this unbelievable Anroid bong by Grav Labs. The glass rig is constructed from quality glass and features a straight stem. The short side arm offers a basic mouthpiece that anyone can use, and there are no complicated features to figure out. If you're into multi-functional bongs, the Android deliver the best experience for both dabbing and dry herbs. 


2. Upright Turbine Bubbler Rig by Grav Labs 

Grav Labs continues to impress with this upright turbine bubbler, a mini bong that has one of the smoothest hits of any cheap dab rig. A sensible, stable round base keeps the dab rig steady, and its slitted honeycomb perc-- though small -- outperform many of its larger counterparts. This top-load vapor dome comes with a quartz dome for the perfect dabbing experience. Grav Labs designed this 9-inch marvel to be used with concentrates, and there is no carb-hole to deal with. Win win!

Closing Remarks

While we understand that your budget is always a concern when purchasing a dab rig, we don't want you to settle for anything less than the best dab rig for your vaping needs. The hourglass honeycomb dab rig by Purr is our top recommendation because it's suitable for users with or without dabbing experience and is crafted from thick, high-quality glass that will preserve the purity of your oil, concentrate or wax throughout the vaping process.

If you don't see this Purr dab rig as the best glass pipe for your needs, consider one of the runner ups listed above. We're confident that you will find the best dab rig for your needs within this guide, and you may even want to pick up a compact rig that you use on the go and a taller rig that you use at home.

  • David Matthews
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