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How to Roll a Joint

Aug 10, 2015

  Knowing how to roll a joint correctly is important. The right items must be used, and employing the correct rolling method will prevent the joint from falling apart. Patients with prescriptions for this dried herb know that it can be expensive, so making the most of each dose is...

How to Clean a Bong

May 12, 2015

Your water pipe does a great job of filtering out impurities from smoke, but you need to clean it regularly to prevent a buildup of resin. When you clean a bong, you improve the quality of your smoke and extend the life of your equipment. You also look more presentable...

How to Smoke a Bong

May 11, 2015

Of all the different ways to consume your dried herbs -- rolling papers, dab rigs, pipes, vaporizers, etc -- few are more enjoyable than a good, long bong rip. In this post, we'll get into the basics of how to smoke a bong and even delve into more sophisticated approaches....

How to Dab

May 11, 2015

Dabbing allows you to maximize the impact of every hit enjoyed from your herbal medicine while intensifying the flavor. This is an alternative method of consuming medicinal herb which is easier on the lungs. It is considered a cleaner method because unneeded plant material is discarded in the process of...