Made in Los Angeles, California, Urb is a brand new line offering modern, handcrafted smoking pipes made out of concrete. Known as the world’s first concrete pipe, Urb strives to reinvent what you think of when you think of smoking pipes. Taking the concept of the traditional herb pipe, Urb has reworked it into a sleek, minimalist interpretation of a classic. Of course, concrete may not seem like the first material you would think of when crafting a smoking device, however, set concrete is shown to be resistant to extremely high temperatures. With Urb’s first pipe, Flue, the shape easily allows for portability - fitting in the pockets of jeans, bags, or whatever you use to transport your day to day items. The enclosed bowl also ensures your dry herbs/flowers are secure. Not only are these pipes portable, they are super easy to clean. All you need is a paper clip or a toothpick to clean out the residue. If your materials are stuck and won’t budge from the Flue, why not read the How to Clean a Glass Pipe” article at our Education Center to help guarantee a clean smoke for this pipe - and any other pipe you may own - every time! Currently, Urb has only one pipe in its catalogue and we are looking forward to see what else they may have up their sleeves! While you are here, check out the rest of the Billowby Catalogue to ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest smoking gear and accessories.